When you think of booking a boudoir session your first thoughts are probably:

  • I need to loose weight first.
  • I’m not photogenic.
  • It’s selfish to spend time and money on myself.

We can all come up with a million reasons why we shouldn’t do something – especially when it is something outside of our comfort zone. That’s why I’m here to guide you through the process with pampering to make you feel amazing, poses that highlight your favorite features while minimizing the ones you’re not so fond of and images that remind you that prioritizing yourself is important.

With all the things you can plan professional photography for, boudoir might seem a frivolous option, but there are lots of great reasons to plan a boudoir session. Here are just a few:

Create images to gift to a significant other for Valentines Day, your anniversary or your upcoming nuptials.
Your beloved thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are. Romantic images will capture what they see in you and be something you can share as a way to keep the spice in your relationship.

Celebrate yourself with a reminder that you’re amazing, beautiful and strong, exactly as you are!
Boudoir is empowering and can help you overcome body image issues by doing something special for yourself. You deserve to be pampered and seeing yourself in a whole new way will make you confident in all areas of your life.

Rekindle the romance and get some romantic shots with your other half you’ll both enjoy.
Ever wish you could capture those tender moments that make your relationship unique? This is your chance. And for once you’re not asking your partner to smile and look at the camera – instead you can stare at each other and remember why you fell in love with each other to being with.

Whatever the reason, a boudoir session can be as steamy or modest as you want. My boudoir sessions are what I call “subtle sexy” with poses and outfits that imply romance with a bit of mystery. See examples of my style with these portfolio galleries.

Make yourself a priority

Ready to plan something amazing for yourself? Reach out to schedule your session!