When selecting what to wear for your boudoir photos, choose colors and patterns that speak to you.

Choosing what to wear for boudoir photos can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never had a session before. I’m here to help you select outfits that fit your own personal style and body type. When you book your session I’ll share a preparation guide with tips on choosing outfit options and will do a quick consult before we begin shooting to narrow down the best options.

Lingerie is an important part of boudoir sessions, but isn’t something you need to stress over or break the bank for. A well-fitting, coordinating bra and panty set is the best option to start with, but we can also get creative with just a draped bed sheet. Some good basic options to have ready are:

  • A pair of heels
  • A body suit or romper
  • A white button up shirt (or flannel during winter!)
  • An oversized sweater that can drape off your shoulder
Don't stress about what to wear for your boudoir photos. Some outfits can be as simple as a smile and a bed sheet!

There are several local boutiques that I recommend in my preparation guide which are ready to help you find flattering outfits in person or here are a couple of affordable options you can find online for under $30:

I also have a client closet with robes, lace dresses, and jewelry options that can be used with the outfits you bring. If you’d like to see the options shoot me a message and I can send you some example images.

Ultimately, what to wear for boudoir photos depends on you and what makes you feel attractive. Choose outfits that show off your favorite assets (or those your partner loves to admire) – whether that’s a lacy little number or a simple crop tee and boy shorts. We will make whatever you bring look awesome and so you feel confident and beautiful.

If you want feedback on options you’re considering feel free to message me with questions!