My Favorite Thing to Photograph: Can you Guess What it Is?

Elope in Alaska

When I introduced myself as a photographer to someone recently they asked me what my favorite thing to photograph is.  It was a simple question, but I didn’t have an answer at the ready so it got me thinking.  While I really enjoy the variety of things I get to capture – high school seniors, […]


Five Items to Bring When Including Pets at Your Session

As a pet parent to dogs, cats and a flock of chickens myself, I see pets as part of the family and I encourage customers to include pets at any type of session, as long as they are well-behaved and friendly.  We will take your pet into consideration in choosing a location and I will […]


What to Wear for Senior Portraits

Your outfit is a big part of your senior portraits and it’s something you’ll notice every time you look back on these images. While Pinterest and Instagram can be helpful to gather ideas, it can also be overwhelming. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose options that you’ll still be happy with […]